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What can a Content Specialist do for me?

Hiring a Content Specialist is a great way to delegate tasks that would otherwise take up a lot of your valuable time. It also means that you can pay per project instead of hiring a full time employee, and you get someone who has the expertise in the specific areas where you could use some help.


As a Content Specialist, I can help create content for all of your most important projects!  Content creation includes creating and sending email campaigns, creating and posting content for social media, or creating a new design and copy for your website. Whatever it is that takes up hours of your time when you could be out meeting new clients, networking, or spending time with your family, is why I am here to help.

Let me free you of the stress and endless office hours that are taking over your life! 

Services Offered

Services Offered

Tired of spending hours trying to create content and post it to social media for your business? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and there is a simple solution. Delegate. 

When you hire a Virtual Assistant, like myself, to handle your social media, you have time to focus on more important matters. My specialty is working with Facebook Pages and LinkedIn, as well as any chatbot that you may have for your account. 

With social media management, I am able to help you grow your network, followers, engagement, and potential new clients and customers! The greatest part is that social media management starts as low as $250.00 per month!

Chatbots are a great way to save time a pre-qualify your leads. A chatbot can act as a sales funnel, a marketing tool, or even mimic a live agent! 

Basic chatbots start out at $350.00. A mid-level chatbot is going to cost around $700.00. Very advanced chatbots are going to cost $1,000.00 and up.

For most businesses, especially small businesses, a basic chatbot is a great place to start out. If you want more than that, a mid-level chatbot is going to do an excellent job of providing customers service and acting as a sales funnel for potential clients.

What are you waiting for? Be one of the first to get in on the next big thing…chatbots!

When you need help with a project, but you don’t want to hire a full time employee, this is the perfect place to start! 

I specialize in email management, data entry, and content writing. Whether you need campaigns set up, help with a time-consuming project, content for your blog, help getting caught up on data entry, or just some organization to help you going forward, I have a custom solution to make things much more effective and efficient in your day to day routine.

Stop wasting hours on a to-do list that never ends! Contact me today so we can talk about solutions to free up your time and keep your business moving forward!

When it comes to a website for your business, you may not have the time to build one yourself. That’s where I come in. 

I can help you create a stunning website what is easy to use for you AND your potential clients. Creating a website that walks potential clients through a step-by-step process seamlessly and effortlessly will lead to higher conversions for your business!

Website design and redesign starts as low as $300 per page, with a discount for small business owners. 

We all have to start somewhere, so why not start where you can hire an expert AND pay an affordable price to have a beautiful website built for you business!

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